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Specializing in autism spectrum disorders and related conditions.

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Board Certified in Biofeedback

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Early identification and intervention are critical in supporting a child's optimal development.  I enjoy providing staff training and consultation regarding early identification of developmental challenges to those working with young children.  This training also includes discussion of strategies for developing comfort in talking to families about concerns.  Training sessions are tailored to meet the needs of your group.

Here is some feedback I have received at seminars:

"We are beyond grateful to Dr. Andrea Bieberich for sharing her knowledge of autism and other developmental disorders with our teachers as part of their professional development training. She is a font of knowledge and communicates in a down-to-earth way. She possesses both the clinical knowledge and interpersonal sensitivity that I look for in any care provider..."     Stephanie H.

"It's exciting to know a source who is sympathetic, approachable, and knowledgeable to turn to with concerns or questions. Excellent, informative information --thank you!"     Anonymous

"Thank you! Most informative workshop I've ever attended on the topic of autism, sensory, and motor development in preschool children."     Robin H.

"Very informative. Delightful manner, would feel comfortable seeking for evaluation or further questions."     Jean B.